Tuesday, February 28, 2012

18 months!

Last week Kiley turned 18 months!  CRAZY!  I would definitely say that she is now a toddler! I can not believe that in less than 6 months now she will be turning 2...where did this time go?

As always she is growing and learning like crazy!  

*She repeats so many words now {cookie, milk, cup just to name a few} 
*She can identify so many of her body parts
*She wants to do more things on her own {i.e. brush her teeth}
*She loves to jump all of a sudden...and kick {and she loves to say jump and kick too!}
We had her 18 month check up last week {no shots..thank the lord!}  
             K is quite the big girl now!  
               She weighed in at 29 lbs! {90th percentile} and height was 31 inches {50th percentile}
               I have a feeling one of these days she will hit a height growth spurt!
*She has 5 teeth that are all of the way through, a 6th one on top is almost there...and she is cutting 2 top molars! So her first two teeth were bottom teeth, and so far they remain the only ones down there!

Here are a few pictures to enjoy of our beautiful, lovable, wonderful, 18 month old , Kiley Tess <3                                       
sleeping beauty
eating her comb
passing out in the high chair still happens!
 loves looking outside
 watch out!

our little love!

Monday, February 27, 2012

play date with mia!

Last weekend our friends Erin and Bryan hosted us and we had a little play date with Kiley's friend Mia!  We met Erin and Bryan during our Lamaze classes and Mia is about 1 month older than Kiley!  We don't get together as often as we would like to, but we have had some fun times with the girls!  

 {reading books together}

 {mia giving kiley a hug!}
 {and attempting a kiss!}
 {the ONLY shot I got of them both looking..of course no smiles but oh well!}
{they both love minnie!}

Can't wait for another play date!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

pigtails and ponytails!

K has never been pretty bald since she was born, and now she finally has enough hair that I can pull the back into a ponytail or pigtails! I have been waiting for this since I knew she was a girl!!!   Look out she will be wearing this style everyday..haha!!

{and i can now clip her "bangs" into a bow!}

She still doesn't have a ton of hair by any means..but it is a huge difference then what she had even this past summer!
{this was her what her hair was like in September! 
quite the change!}

Sunday, February 19, 2012

fun at grandma's and grandpa's

Kiley got to spend a few days without mommy and daddy at grandpa and grandma's! she also got to spend some time with aunt katy and uncle john!

 sleeping with "pa-pa" as she likes to call him
 getting ready to take a drive
 grandpa popping wheelies

 i love driving!
 i'm guessing she was playing peek a boo!
 loves her little kitchen
 new minnie slippers!
spaghetti face!

a new angel...

mommy's aunt susie passed away after a 19 month battle with cancer.   It means the world to me that she was able to meet you Kiley Tess, and I am so happy to have pictures to remember her by...she was the sweetest most caring person that you ever met!  she is missed by all!

{grandpa, mommy, me and great aunt susie}
{love this one of her looking down at you!}

happy Valentine's day!

Last weekend we were able to go back to West Des Moines for a wedding, and Saturday morning we were invited to a Valentine's Day party!  {thank you Cami, Nick and Parker for having us!}  There were 6 kids total, and they all had so much fun!  We did a few fun activities {again thanks Cami!}  and played a little together!

             {playing with Parker and Braylon}                                         {decorating with stickers!}

{decorating cookies}
                               {play time!}                                   {love this picture of Braylon! and yes he is 8
                                                                                months younger than Kiley and had no fear going
                                                                                 through the tunnel...however Kiley would not
                                                                                 attempt to go in she would only peak through!}

{the whole group, aren't they all adorable!?}

Kiley stayed in WDM for a few extra days, so we didn't get to spend V-Day with her...so we celebrated at home on Thursday..

{reading her mickey mouse card}
{daddy helping}

 {a new plate!}
{all of her loot!}

happy valentine's day!!