Saturday, September 3, 2011

12 month update!

The ups to turning 1 for K were having two fantastic parties with people who love her, the down to turning 1, a doctors appointment full of shots and blood work.  By far, the.hardest.appointment.ever. Poor thing, I have never heard her scream and yell so loud before.  My heart ached for her as I sat there holding her arms and legs down while the nurses did what they had to do :(   It was TERRIBLE.  BUT we made it through, and besides a few bruises from the needles, she didn't have too many side effects from the blood work or shots!  Now to the fun part of her doctors appointment!
Kiley's stats at 12 months:
weight: 22lbs 8oz (75th percentile)
height:  28 1/4 inches (25th percentile)
head:  19.3 cms (97th percentile---yes her head is huge!)

In case anyone wonders, at birth she was:
weight: 8lbs 9oz
height:  20 1/2 inches
and I can not remember her head size at birth.

Kiley is very very very busy at this age, it's fun, exciting and exhausting all at the same time!
Fun things about K at 1:
*has 1 tooth only!
*crawls like a maniac
*walks and cruises along tables,furniture, whatever but not independently walking yet (which is OK by me!)
*LOVES to clap her hands
*will put up her 1 finger when you say "who is one!?" "is Kiley one", etc. (so stinking cute!)
*says "no, no" and shakes her finger (learned that one at Great Aunt Sara and Great Uncle Bill's house watching us talk to the dog!
*sleeps oh so wonderfully! except, when our routine is thrown off, then we have some issues.
*drinking whole milk now, and really only likes to drink milk through a bottle (help! I don't want her to be hooked on a bottle!)
*eats mostly everything we give her
Oh there are so many more and exciting things about Kiley, but that is all I will share tonight!!
I'll leave with some photos!

found her napping like this one morning, haha!