Monday, October 31, 2011

happy halloween!!

We celebrated K's second Halloween!!  Over the weekend, Aunt Katy and I took K downtown LaSalle where they had trick or treat with some of the businesses, and a little Halloween festival.  Nothing too exciting, but it gave us an excuse to dress K up and take her somewhere!   Her costume for that day was a little pink and purple monster!   Then today, on actual Halloween, we visited my work earlier in the day.  Then trick or treated at Hy-Vee, visited Tami, and went to another friends house!  Today's costume was  a cupcake <3  Enjoy some pictures!

enjoying her balloon!
 thanks for taking me aunt Katy!

 our walking little monster
 attempt at a Halloween photo shoot
 back view of the cupcake
 so not interested in getting her picture taken!
 distracted by the balloons at hy-vee!
we ran into Kiley's friend from daycare, Natalia!! They LOVE each other!!
love this little cupcake <3

Monday, October 10, 2011

13 month update!

13 months old, well actually closer to 14 months now!  My how the time just flies!   Quick little update and some photos of little K!

*We have a WALKER!! Within the last week she has taken "baby steps"-how fitting!  But I now consider her to be a walker!  She is not to the point where she runs everywhere, but I am ok with that!! ha!

*2 teeth, yep thats right, just 2!

*says a handful of words: mama, dada, dog, bottle, night night, Bella (our dog's name), hello, bye-bye, no-no, I know there are more but that is all I can come up with

*knows where her tummy and nose are

* waves hello and good bye with two different types of waves.  (we like to call one of the her "pageant" wave)

*likes, no wait, LOVES to dance.  To anything.  Her favorite moves are shaking her hips, and also holding one hand up above her head and shaking it!  You can tell her "kiley, shake it, shake it" and if she is in the right mood, she will bust a move.

* she loves to hug her babies and stuffed animals (especially Minnie and Mickie Mouse) and will even pat them on their back!

Each day gets more and more enjoyable with her!  She is BUSY BUSY BUSY, but we still love her and still have a so much fun with her!

Enjoy a few photos of our little love <3

 figuring out how to take steps!

happy girl!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

bye bye paci!

no more pictures like this!
Kiley has been officially paci free for about a month now! Wahoo!   My first goal was to be paci free by 6 months, well that never happened , so then it was by a year.  I also had my dad (and Kiley's future dentist!) on me about getting rid of it at age 1.   Well we kind of weaned off of it from about 9 months old, using it only at nap time and at nights.   At about 11 months she was down to only nights, and could go without it some nights!  So I just slowly took it away everynight.  There was a few nights after she turned 1 that I allowed her to have it (she was teething and was having some bad nights.)  So I am proud to say, NO PACI for Kiley! :)  So glad we stuck to it and didn't give in to her!!

1st "owie"

Kiley encountered her first major "owie" a few weeks ago, poor thing.  She had a little run in with the recliner, and it almost gave her a rug burn to the forehead.   It swelled up and I felt so guilty, like I could have prevented it from happening. BUT I reminded myself that there will be plenty more of these to come.  She ran around for about a week with a nasty little scab and "bruise" of some sort. But now she is all healed up!

close up after it happened :(

a few days post fall, and also enjoying her first taste of a sucker!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Hailee and Matt's wedding

A few weeks ago, our good friends, Hailee and Matt,  got MARRIED!!  It was a beautiful September day and the whole day was very fun!  Kiley got to attend the ceremony and reception, and of course she had a blast dancing at the reception!

 Kiley waiting for the cermony to start
 Kyle and I got to walk down the aisle again! <3
wedding party

bride and groom

kyle with the beautiful bride

our little family

dancing with mommy

big girl!

end to a fun night!

Katy's White Coat Ceremony

On Friday, my sister Katy had her white coat ceremony for Physician's Assistant School.  So Kiley and I joined my mom for the day and we headed up to Chicago for the ceremony!  Kiley decided she didn't want to be quiet throughout the ceremony, so we spent most of our time in the hallway :)
 Katy receiving her white coat
 after the ceremony

Kiley decided she is not quite ready for a white coat
She did however catch up on some reading at Aunt Katy's apartment.  Future doctor?!?