Thursday, March 22, 2012

walking her puppy

sorting shapes

Kiley loves to play with her shape sorting toys!  She dumps them all over the place and loves to put them in one by one....of course we always manage to find some all over the house but oh well! 

 she can even do it with the coasters!

all back together!

baking cookies

A few weekends ago, K and I spent our Sunday afternoon baking cookies while daddy was at work! (yes I'm a little behind uploading these pics!)
 hurry up in there!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Happy Sunday!

We enjoyed the beautiful weather and our Sunday as a family today!    We went to church, lunch and the park and had so much fun!  Kiley loves love loves the slides!

and this is what our busy morning/afternoon did to the little girl!

Friday, March 9, 2012

a trip to the allergist..

We headed to Peoria today for Kiley's allergist appoinment.  Things went much easier than we were expecting {so that is good!}  and the best part:  NO ALLERGIES!!!  What a relief.....bad news though:  she has Atopic Dermatitis, a.k.a. eczema.  So now we have oral meds to take twice a day and a steroid ointment to apply to the areas daily, as well as daily baths with major moisture treatments {aquaphor} afterwards.  We return to see the allergist in a month to see how things have progressed. 

Her testing was done on her back, and was a scratch test.  Basically it was a glorified toothpick that they poked under the skin on her back, with the potential allergens to see if welts appeared.  They tested her for dogs/cats/dustmites/wheat/milk/eggs/peanut/walnut {i think that was everything}.   She didn't enjoy the testing, but wasn't as terrible as I thought she was going to be.   She had a meltdown at first after they alcoholed her back {poor little thing, it probably burned!}    She flinched and wiggled a little through the pokes, but it went fast and was over before we knew it!  Then we had to wait for 15 minutes to see what appeared.
 {playing on the kids side of the waiting room}

{someone help me up here!}

{before the back scratch test}
 {a sucker makes it all better!}
 {the test}

 {nothing caused welts, except the "control" spots
which just were done to make sure the test was working}
 {goof ball!}

 {time is up...NO ALLERGIES!}
{headed home and passed out!}

Thank you everyone for thinking of us during this appointment, I am relieved to know there is no allergies...and I hope that she can outgrow the eczema!  

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


This is proof that K must hate having her photo taken! Let's just say its pretty impossible to get her to stand/still long enough to snap good ones with her looking! So we will just pretend that these pictures I took of her this morning are of her "modeling" for me, and our porch is her " runway"
back view
here i come!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Little mother

The other night while Kyle and I were in the kitchen getting dinner ready, Kiley decided it was feeding time for her baby too!
{we walked in to see this}
{ok baby you are done!}

Sunday, March 4, 2012

too early for a college visit?

Last weekend, Kiley and I were able to head down to Manhattan {kansas} to visit Aunt Ali!  It was "mom's weekend" at Ali's sorority {Kappa Kappa Gamma} which we attended last year, so of course we had to come down for it again!   We had a great weekend, although it went by way too fast!
First of all Kiley and I headed to West Des Moines on Thursday, spent the day there {joined Uncle J for lunch and did a few errands, then I headed out for dinner with friends while K stayed at home with grandma and grandpa} After I got home from dinner, K was still awake {she was on "vacation" so i didn't enforce a bed time!}  So we decided to facetime with Aunt Ali.  For many years now Ali has been known as "pip" by most of our family {don't ask but I came up with it years ago, I believe while I was in high school and it has just stuck with her}  so it is only fitting that K learned to call Ali, "PIP!" haha!  She mastered it while we were chatting with her via facetime.  It was adorable!
Friday we arrived in Manhattan and headed over to Ali's house that she shares with 6 friends {they call it "The Palace"}  After our grand tour we devoured some pizza and cookies! Then sent grandma and grandpa off to great grandpas house, and K and I stayed at "the palace" for a sleepover! We watched the bee movie and K danced and showed off a little for Pip and her room mates! Then we were off to bed!
{don't mind the jelly face that K has, she was enjoying a bedtime snack!}
Saturday we were up bright and early to get ready for the K-State vs Iowa State game!  Now this is where our family is a "house divided"  so torn between who to dress for, I let K wear KSU colors since we were there for Aunt Pip and that is her school!  Plus Aunt Pip was nice enough to get K a new shirt to wear!
{cutie pie doesn't want to smile at mommy!}
{obsessed with Aunt Pip's ipad}
Kiley did pretty well at the game, she was a dancing machine during the pregame, but then passed out within the first minute of play!  She stayed out for almost the first half then ran all around during half time!  The second half she watched and again danced like crazy!! 

After the game we headed to the hotel that we were staying at that night and we were able to celebrate Aunt Jenny's birthday...she turned 28 on Wed. Feb. 29th! {yes, she is a leap year baby! so technically she turned 7 on Wednesday :) }   We enjoyed a Dairy Queen ice cream cake {yum!} and most of our cousins and uncles also came along to visit!  {my cousins and uncles-not k's}  It was really really nice to catch up with everyone, since we don't get to see them too often!
 {the birthday girl]
 {k wants cake!}

 this is Kiley and my cousin Michael's little boy Luke! how cute are they! Luke is 4 months older then K
{sharing fruit loops}
After the mini birthday celebration, we headed back to the room to get ready for the "mom's weekend" dinner.  And of course about 15 minutes after arriving, K fell asleep!  She woke up just in time for dinner {pasta, her favorite!}   After dinner, there was some talking, and singing! At the end all of the KKG girls got up in the front of the room and sang some of their songs to all of the moms.   K spotted "PIP" in the group and ran back and forth from me to aunt pip the whole time!  It was pretty adorable!

 running to pip

{how sweet!} 
Sunday we headed back, and had to come all the way home to Illinois, it was quite the drive but K did pretty well!  Thank heaven for DVD players and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!   Over all we had such a great weekend, it just went by way too fast {as they all do!}  Thanks for a great weekend Aunt Pip!