Friday, March 9, 2012

a trip to the allergist..

We headed to Peoria today for Kiley's allergist appoinment.  Things went much easier than we were expecting {so that is good!}  and the best part:  NO ALLERGIES!!!  What a relief.....bad news though:  she has Atopic Dermatitis, a.k.a. eczema.  So now we have oral meds to take twice a day and a steroid ointment to apply to the areas daily, as well as daily baths with major moisture treatments {aquaphor} afterwards.  We return to see the allergist in a month to see how things have progressed. 

Her testing was done on her back, and was a scratch test.  Basically it was a glorified toothpick that they poked under the skin on her back, with the potential allergens to see if welts appeared.  They tested her for dogs/cats/dustmites/wheat/milk/eggs/peanut/walnut {i think that was everything}.   She didn't enjoy the testing, but wasn't as terrible as I thought she was going to be.   She had a meltdown at first after they alcoholed her back {poor little thing, it probably burned!}    She flinched and wiggled a little through the pokes, but it went fast and was over before we knew it!  Then we had to wait for 15 minutes to see what appeared.
 {playing on the kids side of the waiting room}

{someone help me up here!}

{before the back scratch test}
 {a sucker makes it all better!}
 {the test}

 {nothing caused welts, except the "control" spots
which just were done to make sure the test was working}
 {goof ball!}

 {time is up...NO ALLERGIES!}
{headed home and passed out!}

Thank you everyone for thinking of us during this appointment, I am relieved to know there is no allergies...and I hope that she can outgrow the eczema!  

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  1. she is getting big so fast Sara miss you guys! Love ya