Friday, May 31, 2013

The difference a year makes!

Last night kiley fell and scraped up her knees in a parking lot...poor girl!  So mommy thought an ice cream cone would help to heal her! 
Yum!  (Side story: once we got home as she was eating her cone she bit at the bottom of the cone before the ice cream was of course it dripped all over her and she was devastated! She said "I'm all done!" She insisted on taking a shower... Then later after her shower I asked her if she liked her ice cream cone, her response, "Ice cream cone messy!"  I wonder if now she won't want anything to do with cones since they are "messy"!)
Ok back to why I was posting this.  After taking the picture of her lay night I was reminded of a similar picture from last summer. 
(This was taken in August so about 10 months difference. )
Oh my goodness how she has grown up!  And changed! (Much more hair now!) 
Please baby stop growing up so fast!  This ice cream picture will have to be a summer tradition!

Where's my rainbow?!

The other night after I storm I spotted a rainbow outside so I ran Kiley out to see it ( I am pretty sure this was her first rainbow sighting!) 
Well since that day she has been asking me, "hey where's my rainbow?" Or,
" i want to go see my rainbow!" Lol!  After explaining it to her she will say "my rainbow all gone?!" 
Hopefully we have another soon so she can get her rainbow fill in :)

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Rainy Day

Memorial Day weekend started off with RAIN! {and cold! Had to put the heat back on!} 
No fireworks tonight now :(

Hard to believe just 5 days ago we were outside doing this,

Come on warm weather, we are ready for you to stay!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Donut Friday!

What's a better way to start a Friday morning than with a Casey's donut?! 

Then I told her we are going to see fireworks tomorrow night! {as long as the rain holds off!!} and this was her reaction...

In the words of k, "All right!!"

Check out that frosting all over!