Sunday, January 29, 2012

Since K has mastered walking around in heels {I think she is better at it then me!} All she wants to do is put "shhhoo" {shoes} on!  She loves the pair of heels I leave out for her to put on, but she puts any and everything on...ranging from my shoes laying around, or daddy's or her own!  

 {reading with heels}
 {obsessed with closing doors}
high heels?? check!
heels and a phone, what more can a girl want?!


couldn't think of a name for this random post!

 spaghetti night....

 equals bath night!!
OMG how cute is she?!? I just LOVE her!!

an overdue christmas post

Christmas was well over a month ago, but I am just now sitting down to blog about it {sorry, better late than never!}  We spent Christmas in West Des Moines at my parents, with all of my siblings!  It was a blast, but as always went way too fast!

We left Christmas Eve night around 6 p.m., Christmas Eve mass was at 10 p.m. in WDM {usually a 4 hour drive} We didn't think we were going to make it, so we didn't dress for church, about 15 minutes from Des Moines we stopped at a rest stop for a quick change, and at 10:00 we pulled up at Sacred Heart in WDM and made it just in time for Christmas Eve mass!!

 {didn't want to look at the camera}
 mommy and kiley

{someone was tired}
I really wish I had taken more pictures of K on Christmas Eve, because I loved her dress, sweater and headband, but oh year I guess!!

Christmas day was spend lounging around a bit, opening K's presents {santa came!} and an afternoon movie {kiley stayed at home with grandma}


opening her stocking..the teddy grahams were her favorite!
 "Santa brought me a wagon!"
"let's unwrap more!"
I absolutely loved K's reaction to opening gifts this year, she "ooooohhed and awwwweddd" over everything!  She loved to rip the paper then bring it over to me and go back and repeat!  It was so much fun!  I can't wait for next year and seeing how much more she understands than this year!

 "MO!!" {k's way of saying Elmo}

 "look what i got!"
 need mommy's help

 elf on a shelf! {can't wait to do this next year!!}
 {playing on aunt ali's computer, taking goofy self portraits! hilarious!}
{love this!}

 {love these pictures of kiley the next morning!}

We headed back to IL Monday, stopping by Cedar Rapids to visit my grandparents {as well as visiting lots of my extended family}  I  will have to post some of those pictures in another post, I am pretty sure I put enough pics in this one!

To say we had a wonderful Christmas is an understatement! Looking forward to next year already!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

17 months

Dear Kiley,
Today is the 22nd, which means, 17 months ago you were born! Each month I say it, but it is true, I can't believe you are that old!  August will be here before we know it and you will be 2!

{this is my attempt at a 17 month photo, like we used to do!}

 Each day is more and more interesting with you then the last.  You are learning and discovering more each day, it is pretty amazing!  You have a lot of things you say and repeat for us.  Some things that you are doing these days include:

* Mickey and Minnie mouse-to say you are obsessed is an understatement.  You love and adore Mickey Mouse, I think if you could you would be content watching it all day, everyday!
{you even have a minnie mouse shirt}
*You love to read books still!

*Eating-you eat pretty much everything that we put in front of you...and you love to snack! {you love cheezits and m&m's}
*You drink milk or water only. We have tried {watered down}juice only a few times. but each time it doesn't end well {diaper rash} but honestly you are fine without it!
*You love to pretend to talk on the phone, however if we ever put it up to your ear when someone is actually on the other line, you get very shy and won't say a word, but smile from ear to ear!
*You don't like to sit still. Example: church. going out to eat.
*You have a sudden obsession with shoes, you love trying to put them on yourself!
{you picked these shoes out to put on and got them on yourself even though they are too small!}
*You love the dogs, its hard to say if you choose Sammy or Bella more, you have your reasons as to why sometimes you prefer one to the other.
{i should also add that they love you too, they love following you around--especially if you have food!}
*Baby dolls, you love them.
*Blankets, you have one you love to sleep with.
{this is your favorite blanky, and one of your dolls}
*You don't really like to fall down, you throw a fit sometimes
*Speaking of fits, you have become quite good at throwing them...flinging yourself to the floor and going limp..unable to allow me to lift you up.
{melt down}
*Clothing: size 18-24 months, shoes size 5
*You still don't have much hair, but from what you did have, you have a lot!

{here you can see most of your hair}

There are so many other things that I could sit here and write to you, but I will leave it at that! We love that you continue to grow each and everyday {although, I do miss you as a tiny newborn baby} Each day gets better with you Kiley.  You are the best thing that has ever happened to me {and daddy too!}

 {you love balloons, and can say balloon}
 {you mastered this toy down! and you insisted on the headband with your pajamas tonight!}

walking in high heels!

Last week at daycare, K mastered walking in high heels.  As I dropped her off Thursday morning at Barb's (her babysitters) the first thing she did was go over to the toy chest and pull out a pair of heels..Barb told me to wait a minute and check this out because she had done it the day before...sure enough Kiley slipped her little feet in the arches of the heels and took off!  We had to recreate it at home so daddy could see her doing it!  Enjoy!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

baby love

K has 3 baby dolls and adores them.  She is into a stage now where she either lays a pillow down on the ground, puts baby on that, then covers baby up with a blanket and says "night night."  Then she usually picks baby up and wraps the blanket around her and carries her everywhere.  She also loves to push baby around in her shopping cart!

love this little girl <3
giving baby kisses
she started playing with baby, then got distracted with mickey on tv 
(sorry I can't figure out how to flip the video!)
 cuddle time with baby

watching tv with baby

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

family night!

we enjoyed a fun little night together, and I just had to share! I love nights like this!  We went to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner, in hopes they would be showing the K-State-Baylor game, no such luck! Oh well we dressed in our KSU/purple!   Then we enjoyed some laughs hanging out at home!!