Sunday, April 29, 2012

this little piggy...

Kiley loves having "this little piggy went to market, this little piggy stayed home, this little piggy had roast beef, this little piggy had none..and this little piggy went weeweewee all the way home!" done to her!  Yesterday she started doing it back to us! haha! enjoy! :) 

as you can tell her favorite part is ALL THE WAY HOME!!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

dancing queen

Sorry K, I know this is kind of "private" since it was during bath time, but it's too adorable not to share!
You love to dance and we blast some tunes during bath time!!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

happy 1st birthday braylon!!

Over the weekend, Kiley and I headed back to West Des Moines, and were able to attend Braylon's 1st birthday party!  Braylon is the adorable son of one of my best friends, Ashley.  He is such a little stud, and is always so happy!! Thanks for having us at the party!

 with both of his parents, a sports theme for Bray is only fitting!
 k and bray playing together
 seriously, how adorable is he!? 

 ice cream time for the birthday boy! 
{poor babe got sick from cake on his actual bday, so they had to go with ice cream for the party!}

she does't look too thrilled in this picture, but she had a blast at the party! Loved her little goodie box!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

a few pictures from the weekend...nothing too exciting, just some fun things to enjoy :)

 miss attitude
 uncle john came to visit, wearing his shoes!
uncle john, finally starting to warm up to him a little :) 
 too much fun!
 baby doll line-up
 give me some of that Diet Coke!

 oh that was good!
and again..too much fun!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

happy birthday daddy!

On Thursday, Daddy turned 33!!  We had a fun, quiet evening together as a family to celebrate!

 I don't think you can look more alike than that!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

time in the exersaucer

Up until she turned one K loved her exersaucer and jumperoo , then she discovered she would rather be out of it and exploring. Well even though it has been months since she has last used it , it sat up in our bedroom. The last few days she has really been into getting in it and playing! Haha!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

What a wonderful weekend we had celebrating Easter!  Kiley is at such a fun age these days {minus the few temper tantrums and meltdowns.}  She really enjoyed "hunting" for eggs!  We spend the weekend at home {Aunt Katy came down from Chicago to visit} and then finished off the weekend with dinner down in Bloomington at Kyle's parents.  All in all, a GREAT Easter for K!

Enjoy some pictures from the weekend!
 egg hunting!
 reaction to the Easter bunny...NOT GOOD!
 Easter package from Aunt Jenny!
 Filled with lots of treats!
 goof ball!
 Easter Bunny loot!
 digging in!
 loved her new cups so much she wanted to drink from them!
 just an idea of how difficult it is to photograph a 19 month old!
 there's a little smile!
 OBSESSED with her Minnie Mouse ball from Aunt Katy
hunting for eggs at home
found one! 
 there's our happy little girl!
 Happy Easter!!
 Sucking the syrup off her french toast at brunch!
Thanks for coming to visit Aunt Katy!

Happy Birthday Sammy!

Our beloved dog, Sammy, turned the big 10 on Friday!!  Of course we celebrated with some cake {and ice cream!}

{Kiley giving Sammy birthday hugs!}

 {the b-day boy!}
 {aunt katy made the trip down for the weekend}

  1.  {our boys <3}

 {our little family of 5}

{YUM! this cake is good!}

Sunday, April 1, 2012

K's first egg hunt!

 With Easter only a week away, we ventured to our first egg hunt for K!   Last year she was too young to do the hiding of the eggs, but we will be doing it this year!    I was a little hesitant when we first arrived at the number of children {especially older than her}  But they had it set up very well.  Every child was divided into different age groups, each age group had their own location.  Then each child was given a number, and 5 of the eggs had their number on it. {after about a minute of searching for our number, the under 4 age group was told to just pick 5 eggs and ignore the number--much easier!}   After they collected their 5 eggs, they took them to the "prize" location and traded the empty eggs for a prize bag!  It was actually very well planned out and very fair, that way everyone walked away with the same things and no fighting over eggs.  

 waiting for the start!
 "can't I go now?!"
 had to go on a little walk while we waited for the egg hunt to begin
i found an egg!

putting it in her basket!
 more eggs!

the prize at the end!