Thursday, December 19, 2013

Santa visit

We've had a few visits with Santa this year! 
She started off the season telling us and asking this Santa for a "Cinderella bear" (a princess bear from build a bear- that she already has...we had to take her in build a bear to show her it was just like the on at when she realized that she has decided to ask for a pink pony - again from build a bear). 
 First we went to Valley west mall thanksgiving weekend. 
Not scared - but definitely shy!   

And then we rode the train! I was hoping this year she would be able to ride on her own- but she chickened out at the last minute and I had to climb in ;)

Then the other night I took her to a business in north liberty who had Santa night, and crafts!

Fruit loop candy canes!
Enjoying the blowup Santa and snowman!

I adore this picture- you can see her excitement , and a little shyness ;)

Merry Christmas!


Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Disney on Ice

Over thanksgiving while we were in Des Moines, my mom, sister and I took Kiley to see Disney on Ice!   
She went last year and loved it , so I knew this year she would love it even more!

Before the show started. She wore her princess dress (or nightgown lol) last was just about every little girl was decked out in princess dresses so I figured I'd let her do the same this time around.  Surprisingly only a handful of girls I saw in their dresses this year. 

Popcorn time!
We had so much fun! Hopefully this is something we can go see each year!

Flashback to last year- I can't believe how much she's grown up- she didn't even have all of her teeth back then! ;)

Willie has been very busy each night he comes back from the North Pole. Most mornings when Kiley wakes up to find him Kyle is already gone at work and everyday after she finds him, Kiley says "I want to show daddy!!"  The girl is all about daddy. 
Marshmallow bubble bath with some friends

Riding the zebra {yes that is a hyvee bucket in the background ;) }
Robbing the piggy bank!
TPing kileys room!
Reading to friends 

Decorating the pantry door 

And leaving a little note on the mirror. 

8 days until Christmas!!

Monday, December 9, 2013

More elf happenings...

Attempting to brush his teeth !

Hanging out and rearranging Kiley's window clings- she wasn't too happy that he kept moving them! 

Willie made us some yummy treats! And turned them green! (Kiley was terrified to try them because they were green- once I forced her to try it , she wanted to eat the whole pan)
Helping with the chores...feeding the dogs- a big mess!
Willie then brought out kileys nativity set! She was so happy to have it out to play with! 
Having some snacks with baby at the kids table ;)

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Willie the Elf

Willie the Elf has returned to our house!
His first day was Dec 1 and he decided to plug in our tree for us- he also left Kiley a note explaining why he joins our family in Decemeber. 
He brought along his book and movie for Kiley, as well as a gingerbread man for Kiley to decorate!

Day two he decided to hang out on the refrigerator. 

Tha night we decorated the gingerbread man....

and sampled a bite...

And then the next morning...
Willie got into the cookie too!