Friday, August 23, 2013

3rd Birthday!!

Yesterday was Kiley's 3rd birthday!! WOW that went incredibly too fast.   We had a night full of Kiley's favorites! She had a great day and night (and also had a sugar high!) 
Crazy how time flies!
Surprise Breakfast treat..a Casey's donut! (One of her favorite things!)

Outside play time with her daycare buddies!

A hoho for snack! (See all the sugar consumed?!)
A much needed nap for the bday girl 
Dinner of her choice...Chick-fil-a! (A toss up for her between that and McDonald's-lol!)
Some target shopping!
And of course a carousel ride on her favorite..the zebra!!
And birthday dessert at Orange Leaf! (Yum! She still has a birthday cake to enjoy this weekend!) (see what I mean about SUGAR HIGH!) 
Opening and trying out her present from mommy and daddy!

{more pics to come from her birthday month of celebrations!}

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Last week K woke up quite crabby from her nap and wanted to keep to herself during snack time 

This was her attempt of keeping her daycare friends out of her castle- lol!
And she got quite angry I was trying to take her picture! 

Monday, August 5, 2013

Shopping diva

K loved the shoe room at Von Maur 
She did her best trying to find the best matches! Lol!

We might be in trouble when she gets older! ;)

Another night at the ball park!

Last weekend we headed up for another Friday night at the ball park in Cedar Rapids.  It was a beautiful and cool night and we had so much fun again!
She LOVED the blow up stuff!  I adore this pictures of her and daddy- the excitement in her face says it all!

She did attempt the slide herself a few times- but she had troubles getting the mat down and getting on it to ride it down. Luckily there was another dad up there to help her out! 

Coming out of the obstacle course!