Friday, August 23, 2013

3rd Birthday!!

Yesterday was Kiley's 3rd birthday!! WOW that went incredibly too fast.   We had a night full of Kiley's favorites! She had a great day and night (and also had a sugar high!) 
Crazy how time flies!
Surprise Breakfast treat..a Casey's donut! (One of her favorite things!)

Outside play time with her daycare buddies!

A hoho for snack! (See all the sugar consumed?!)
A much needed nap for the bday girl 
Dinner of her choice...Chick-fil-a! (A toss up for her between that and McDonald's-lol!)
Some target shopping!
And of course a carousel ride on her favorite..the zebra!!
And birthday dessert at Orange Leaf! (Yum! She still has a birthday cake to enjoy this weekend!) (see what I mean about SUGAR HIGH!) 
Opening and trying out her present from mommy and daddy!

{more pics to come from her birthday month of celebrations!}

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