Wednesday, September 4, 2013

birthday celebration #1..

Like I mentioned before...Kiley had not just a birthday, but a birth MONTH.
We started off August with a trip out to Kyle's parents house for the weekend, where we celebrated his dad's birthday, which was over taken by a little party for Kiley!
a princess cake for the princess!

with cousin Keegan, it was so much fun seeing these 2 together where they could actually play together, last time they saw each other Keegan was only 2 months old!

a little family pic

I adore this picture of Sammy watching over Kiley as she opens her sweet

and now time to play!

Also that day..Kiley got her first car!  A pink mustang! Grandpa and Grandma sure did spoil her!

she was a little hesitant at first

so grandma had to hop in and show her how it was done!


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