Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Ice Skating!

Every time we are at the mall, we of course HAVE to ride the carousel (we have ventured out from the zebra and are now riding the cheetah!) anyway we always walk by the ice skating rink and Kiley loves to watch the skaters. So we have wanted to take her ice skating for a while now! Well , we finally did it on went ...well , not as well as we thought it would! She started out great and was walking around with her skates on (which I think is hard to do!) but once we hit the ice- she was a little scared. So 20 minutes and $16.00 later we had our first ice skating experience.
Maybe we will wait awhile before we try this again!


not feeling it so much! 

taking a little break...having a meltdown..

trying to capture a memory..but again she wasn't feeling it!