Thursday, February 20, 2014

Winter preschool artwork

Again this is just more for me to document Kiley's preschool work- easier to blog pictures than to save everything!

They made these to wear during her Christmas program at school! 

Snowman wearing his hat on his chin- lol! 

(We made these at home with the daycare kids- the lights are thumbprints)

Kiley the elf! 

And this was the gift to the parents- I love this picture of her ! 

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Disney Junior Live!

A few months ago we ordered tickets to see Disney junior live in Des Moines- this was before the news of Kyle's new store. So we had originally planned for the 3 of us to go - now with him in Springfield and since the show was on Sunday afternoon- we asked my friend Ashley and her son Braylon to go with us. (We lucked out since he is 2 he didn't have to have a ticket!) 
All ready to go!
Waiting for it to start 
(Doesn't Braylon have the cutest smile!?)

(Sophia and Cinderella)
(Jake and the neverland pirates- Kiley loves the tick-tock croc!) 
A fun little afternoon with these two!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Fall preschool art

Since I feel bad throwing her artwork away- taking pictures of the are my way of "saving" them! 

We made this at home for her to take to preschool to display for pumpkin week!

(This one cracks me up- one little feather! Ha!)

Kiley the turkey! 

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Random pictures

Kiley spend the weekend at "go" and papa's house last weekend and Aunt Katy sent me this picture of her! Nails painted! 

Sweet girl!

"Look mom I colored my face!" 

Then this past weekend Kiley and I went back to go and papas for another weekend! She stayed up way past her bedtime !
Lover of chocolate milk

Tea party time 

Also- Kiley is a bit obsessed with the movie Frozen. I read online about a site you could watch it online so we checked it out!  The site is probably illegal - but it works and she loves watching it!    We have now watched it so many times that we both pretty much have the entire movie memorized.