Thursday, June 20, 2013

Father's Day

Craft time! Made this for daddy! 

We spend Sunday in the Quad Cities at the Niabi Zoo. We met Grandma and Grandpa T there for the afternoon, it was a lot of fun!  
First stop, elephants!

Feeding the "nemo's"

Attempting to feed the birds, about one minute later she had a melt down! So we passed our cup off to another little girl and got her out of there!

I'd say the giraffes were her favorite!
She did love the zebras too!
Of course we had to ride the carousel! 
Listening to the lion, he was quite loud! She loves to mimic what he was doing!  Wasn't a "roar" more like a huge "ughhhhhh!" 
Train ride with daddy!
Before we left, Grandma and grandpa took her back in the gift shop to get her the little pink giraffe she spotted earlier...and this is what she walked out with! 
SPOILED! Grandpa told her "go big or go home" lol! 
She sure does love the pink giraffe!!


Monday, June 10, 2013

A night at the ballpark

Friday morning we caught a commercial for the Cedar Rapids Kernels baseball team, we decided that sounded kind of fun and that we should go up for the night! 
They had some blow ups for the kids to enjoy before and during the game. Kiley lasted about one minute in this and then had a bit of a melt down {she was in with another girl and I think they may have ran into each other and k didn't know what to think!}
They gave out some yummy fruit snacks! 
(I should have taken a picture of her eating her dinner.  We ordered her a hot dog, I mean come on you have to eat a hot dog at a baseball game! Anyway she didn't "like" the hotdog so she pulled it out and ate the bun only! 
She spent the first half on the game worried about where the mascot was lol! Didn't want it to come get her!

Se ended up loving the inflatable obstacle course(thanks to daddy making her do it!)
One last picture before heading out for the night! 

And of course on the way home we stopped for some ice cream!! 
Yummy!   What a fun Friday night for little K!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

iPhone life {the past week}

{have I ever said how much I LOVE this face?! :) }

{piled all of the blankets , sheets and pillows off our bed and made a bed on the floor}

{practicing her golf skills}
{grandma t. came to town and took us shopping, K taking a little break}
{of course we had to take a carousel ride!}

{someone's daddy has been letting her sleep with us!}
{sneaking her crackers for breakfast}
{intense on coloring}
{post bath}
{decided that 10:00 at night was the time to potty train!}