Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Halloween's past..

With halloween tomorrow I decided to make a little look back on all of Kiley's cotumes over the past 3 years!
Halloween #1- our little 2 month old flower

Halloween #2: cupcake (with daycare friend Natalia) 

That year she had two costumes...
A little monster! She had just starte walking the weeks prior to halloween so it was funny to watch her wobble around as a monster!

Halloween #3 : the cutest little ladybug! 

And for this years costume...well you will just have to wait for tomorrow ;)

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Field trip to the pumpkin patch!

Kiley's preschool class went to the pumpkin patch on Tuesday. daddy decided to go along as a chaperone! Here's some pictures he took...
{on the bus ready to go! Seriously this is my new favorite picture of her!}

With the cow! 

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

I had a few places to run to last night and while I was gone Kiley stayed upstairs in our room watching Sophia , while Kyle was downstairs. I got home and he said "she's up there dragging chairs in and out of the rooms I can hear her." 
And this is what i found..

She was really sneaking into my lotion and lipgloss- ha!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Sleepy girl

Kiley is getting over croup- luckily she didn't have too bad of a case. She stayed to her normal self and kept up with her regular routine of things- the only thing that really affected her was the cough! 
However I think yesterday and today the tiredness caught up with her...
We did a little shopping at Hy-Vee last night she started to fall asleep sitting up in the cart! I helped her lay her head down on the cart and she was out the rest of the time! 

Then this morning all she wanted To do was snuggle..

And two minutes later it was this...

I laid her down on the chair and she slept for an hour and a half! I don't remember the last time she took a morning nap!

Here's to hoping all the germs are behind us!

Friday, October 4, 2013

Preschool Work

Kiley comes home now with loads of "artwork" from preschool.  Somewhere along the way I read of ideas to take pictures of artwork versus keeping it.  Right now she thinks EVERYTHING needs to be displayed on the refrigerator. She has literally scribbled a crayon across one paper, picks up a new color and new paper and scribbles on that and continues - then takes all 5 or more of them and hangs them up on the when I go to take them down she flips out- lol. So I have learned to take 1 down at a time and replace it with a new one, keeping about 5 on the fridge at a time.  So back to the taking a picture of it I have decided to do this with some of her bigger things she makes. My ultimate goal is at the end of each year I will make a photo book of her with pictures from the year, and include some of these pictures of her art.  We shall see if tha really happens :)
This was in our welcome packet of information I thought it was cute and it made Kiley super excited for school to start!

Her first piece of artwork for the year! Yes the word school bus is upside down ;)

We had to have this turned in before school started for her open house. 

Her class! They make up the Tues/Thurs Bunny Room!
{she tells me she doesn't know the names of her friends but she points to who she plays with, and of course she tells me who the "naughty" little boy is- and she knows him by name! Ha!}
All about me day was 9-24-13. Of course 
I took no pictures of anything with it- at least she got the special person award! 
And her first accident report- ha!  I can't believe they have to fill those out for such little "incidents"  I have to laugh though because "Kiley covered her knee and wouldn't show her teacher" and not wantin a bandaid. Typical Kiley !

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Kiley's favorite post bath snack is ice cream- with chocolate syrup 

She was a little messy last night! ;)