Sunday, January 30, 2011

the switch to the crib!

Well last night was officially Kiley's first full night sleeping in her crib!  We had said from the beginning that she would only sleep in our room 6-8 weeks top.  Well of course once we tried switching her, she was having a hard time falling asleep, so we just took the easy way out and put her back in our room.  Mainly for the convenience, if she woke up in the night, I could get up reach over and get her out of her bed.   It seemed like everyday we were saying. "tomorrow night we will start"  Which of course tomorrow night never happened.  She did take naps in her crib most days and did just fine with nap time, but night time..not so much.
side note: (She had been sleeping in the best product ever (in my opinion!)  this was her bed   Seriously, such an amazing product.  She slept so snugly and cozy in there and it was angled so she wasn't flat on her back.  That is why I think she was such a good sleeper for the beginning.  Plus it was easy to fold up and take with us for traveling! I would recommend this to any new mom! )

I don't know what made us decide to try it out last night, but I am glad we did!  For about the past month to month and a half she has been waking up in the middle of the night (which she was sleeping through the night)  I guess I finally thought, well if she is waking up in the night in her little bed, whats the difference of her sleeping in her crib and waking up.   So we did it...usually at night when we tried to lay her in her crib she would fuss and cry...not last night.  She has a little light/music thing that shows a picture on her ceiling and plays music, she was content watching that and put herself to sleep.  Well that was at about 9ish, I kept waiting for her to wake up and cry and it didn't happen!! Around 3:30ish she woke up (which has been normal)  So i got up with her, changed her diaper, she ate and went back to sleep!  She stayed asleep again in the crib until about 8:30!!  Needless to say I was SOOO proud of her! :)

and here she is sleeping soundly in her cozy sleep sack in her crib!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

5 month checkup

Well it has been a crazy week for me, so I am finally able to post about K's 5 month check up on Monday.
Weight: 14 lbs 12 oz (75th percentile)
Height: 24 1/2 inches  (50th percentile)

(on the scale at the doctors office)
I had to go alone with her, because Kyle had to work...I was a bit nervous on how I was going to do with the shots! BUT she took her shots like a little champ...she cried for about 30 seconds after she had them.  The rest of the night she was fine, she even slept for 12 hours straight!  Doctor Morrow gave us the ok for her to start solids, and to first start with veggies, then once we have done all of the veggies to start with fruit!

A little about Kiley at 5 months old:
*Sleeping...well she has decided to be like a newborn again, she sleeps for about 5 hours at a time during the night, waking up 1 or 2 times :(   This is such a change for her because at 4 weeks old she was sleeping through the night (for like 8-9 hours!)   But we are adjusting to her waking up in the night, and just hope for her to get back to her old sleeping habits :)
*Every day you can tell that she is growing and developing, she is grabbing for things, getting stronger at sitting (still can't do it on her own, but I think she is getting close!) 
*She still loves her baths!! 
*She is really starting to get her little personality!
*She smiles all the time and laughs! (SO CUTE!)  She also smiles with her eyes  (its adorable, they crinkle up when she is smiling)
*She loves her daddy!!
*She really does love going to daycare (which makes it so much easier to leave her every morning)  She smiles at Barb(the lady who watches her) the second she sees her!  She also has fun with the kids there.  Our friends, Chad and Mary have  a 3 year old, Lydia., who loves Kiley, and Kiley loves her.  It is so neat to see Kiley recognize, and smile at Lydia when she sees her!
Well that is just a little about our little princess <3    hope to update more soon!!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

5 months!!

Yesterday our sweet little K turned 5 months.  I can honestly say the last 5 months have been the BEST 5 months of my life!!  She has brought so much joy to Kyle and myself, and we have experienced a love that is indescribable!

As with every month, we do our "monthly photo shoot".  While I was pregnant I came across some awesome stickers that go on a onesie to document month to month, thanks to an old classmate on facebook! I could not resist ordering them after seeing how adorable they were on her little girl.  So thanks to we are able to compare photos each month, and see how much our little girl has grown!
 Here's a look at some of our photos from yesterday!  Enjoy!

my love <3

with her jelly cat!

my favorite!!
she loves to laugh!

i may have a slight obsession with bows!

Tomorrow we head to the doctor for Kiley's check up and shots :(  Mommy has a harder time then she does...hopefully things go well!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Let's get it started!

Well, this will be my "offiicial" first post.  I have been wanting to start a blog for a couple of months now and finally have!  After following and reading blogs of my friends, I have finally been inspired to start one of my own!  Since having Kiley in August, I have tried to document and keep track of all of the milestones and fun moments in her life.  I am hoping that by starting this blog we can accomplish that.  So here is to hoping that I can keep up with this so that some day we can look back on all the memories we have with our precious, little kiley <3