Sunday, January 23, 2011

5 months!!

Yesterday our sweet little K turned 5 months.  I can honestly say the last 5 months have been the BEST 5 months of my life!!  She has brought so much joy to Kyle and myself, and we have experienced a love that is indescribable!

As with every month, we do our "monthly photo shoot".  While I was pregnant I came across some awesome stickers that go on a onesie to document month to month, thanks to an old classmate on facebook! I could not resist ordering them after seeing how adorable they were on her little girl.  So thanks to we are able to compare photos each month, and see how much our little girl has grown!
 Here's a look at some of our photos from yesterday!  Enjoy!

my love <3

with her jelly cat!

my favorite!!
she loves to laugh!

i may have a slight obsession with bows!

Tomorrow we head to the doctor for Kiley's check up and shots :(  Mommy has a harder time then she does...hopefully things go well!

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