Tuesday, July 26, 2011

less than one month...

It is official, we have an almost one year old....wow...where did that time go?  Seriously? I feel like I was just pregnant, just in the hospital with her, no way can this big milestone be here already.  As fun as each day is, with her learning something new, doing new things, it is still very sad to think that my baby is already almost one...  at least I have one more month to not think about it....
With turning one though, we get to throw our little princess not ONE but TWO parties, and I am so. excited. for her.  So my time now is spent thinking, researching and planning her parties!  The invites are ordered, the dates are set now it is on to the details!!

Here are a few pictures from her 11 month photo shoot....

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

We love books!

K has a slight obsession with books (which is a good obsession!)   Last week I was trying to photograph her in her "chair" to get a cute picture of her in an outfit I love of hers, well we keep a few "nighttime books" tucked in the pocket of her rocking chair in her room...well, she found them during our  photoshoot-so I of course snapped some pictures because it was hilarious!

 found one book
 "I know mom has more than one in there"
 "I think there is more"
 "let me check"
 "is there more?"
 "nope that is it!"
 finally posing for her picture!

what a doll <3

Saturday, July 9, 2011

the 4th..part 2

So in Peru the big 4th of July celebration is on the 3rd, and takes place down by the river on Waterstreet.  Well it is crazy, and full of people (especially drunks) but we decided to brave the crowd and take K down there this year.   Well it went pretty well, we had one little melt down towards the end but other than that she was great!  Again, she loved the fireworks!! Here are some pictures of our little firecracker on the 3rd!

 new 4th of july bow!
down on waterstreet

On the actual 4th, we had a low key day at home...of course though Kiley had a 4th of july outfit on!

 wouldn't give up the blocks for a picture
hanging outside with daddy while he grilled for us!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

k's first 4th !!

Well being that the 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays, and is also the birthday of Kiley Tess's name sake, I hope that Kiley loves the 4th as much as I do!  For her first 4th, we spent the weekend around home, Aunt Katy came down from Chicago for the weekend, as she babysat Kiley for us while I worked Saturday. 

On Saturday night we went to our first fireworks with K! Just Katy and I took her, Kyle was off at a bachelor party.  We went downtown Utica and it was a great time!  First we made a stop at Country Cupboard to enjoy some ice cream!  The fireworks were great and Kiley loved them, she clapped during them!  I was afraid that she would be scared by them, but nope, she wasn't!

waiting for the fireworks to start
clapping during the fireworks

that was so fun!

Well I will post part 2 of the 4th later, Kiley is up crying for her momma....

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

it was a mac & cheese and bubble kind of a day

Today K had 2 first experiences!  Eating mac and cheese (we chose white cheddar!) and playing with bubbles!

first bite

just a few pieces fell on her lap :)

Then it was bubble time!
just like everything else, gotta go in her mouth first

"hey these are cool!"
and we are over the bubbles!