Saturday, July 9, 2011

the 4th..part 2

So in Peru the big 4th of July celebration is on the 3rd, and takes place down by the river on Waterstreet.  Well it is crazy, and full of people (especially drunks) but we decided to brave the crowd and take K down there this year.   Well it went pretty well, we had one little melt down towards the end but other than that she was great!  Again, she loved the fireworks!! Here are some pictures of our little firecracker on the 3rd!

 new 4th of july bow!
down on waterstreet

On the actual 4th, we had a low key day at home...of course though Kiley had a 4th of july outfit on!

 wouldn't give up the blocks for a picture
hanging outside with daddy while he grilled for us!

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