Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Daddy's birthday!

We celebrated Daddy's birthday last weekend...the big 34!!  Seems like I was just planning his surprise 30th!

His birthday was Friday, so Grandma and Grandpa T came out for the night and took us out to dinner!  Then we came home and had some yummy cookie cake! Didn't take too many pictures but here are a few!

{I adore this one of Kiley playing with her hair}

{had to blow out a regular candle because we forgot cake candles!}
{beer and scratch off tickets for his present from us! lol}

a few more Easter related events!

Daddy's store did an Easter Egg hunt the day before Easter, "Go", Aunt Jenny, Aunt Ali and I got to take her! Daddy was already at the store working..
free for all!

did I mention that the Easter Bunny was Daddy?!??

And this was right before she turned around and screamed bloody murder!  Poor K got a little tormented by daddy the easter bunny!

made bunny ears with the daycare kids I watch!  All of the girls!

and with baby Hudson!
{Everly, Ella, Hudson, Kiley and Maya}

and another egg hunt we attended at the North Liberty Rec Center...except this was more so a candy free for all!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Easter Bunny visit

Grandma (or "GO" as Kiley calls her), Aunt Jenny, Aunt Ali and I  took Kiley to see the Easter bunny back in March while I was in West Des Moines for a weekend.  Her reaction to the Easter bunny...TERRIFIED!

"Get me away from this thing!"

Not impressed at all!

Train ride...much better!

K chose Aunt Jenny to ride along with her

Checking out the ducks in the water

Easter Sunday 2013

We spent Easter at our house this year, my parents and sisters came out on Friday night and left Saturday night. So Easter Sunday was just the three of us...we woke up to find the Easter bunny presents he left and did a little egg hunt, then we went to church and enjoyed another little egg hunt.  Then we spent the rest of the day at home relaxing!  

 "Kiley Tess" Easter eggs we made!
 Easter Bunny basket and presents from Mommy and Daddy
(yes she was very spoiled this year!)
 egg hunt time!

 (Grandma and Grandpa T. sent Kiley a new kid's tablet! She LOVES it!)
 showing off all her loot, dressed up after church

 (going for a car ride! we FINALLY have the space to have her little car at our house now and not at grandma and grandpas house in WDM!)

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Another photo dump...

{like mother, like our Diet Coke!  Don't was empty!}

{ballerina twirls}

{supervising Daddy's work}


{relaxing in the bouncy seat..someone thinks she is a baby!}

{getting ready}

{mommy's sunglasses}

{had to capture this...don't mind the naked buns, it was too cute of a moment!}

{having a picnic in her room}


{waiting for swimming lessons}

{dressing up...plastic high heels and st. patricks day bead necklace}

{obsessed with Hudson, the baby that mommy watches!}

Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy St. Patricks Day!

A few weeks late... We enjoyed St Patty's day with church in the morning, lunch at Chili's, a trip to the mall... CAROUSEL ride! And a final stop at Target - for a new Rupunzel Barbie! Also while at "daddy's hyvee" Kiley picked out a St. Pattys bead necklace..... She still loves to wear it! Lol!