Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Kiley is 2!

Last weekend we headed back to Des Moines to celebrate Kiley's birthday with some family and friends.  Aunt Jenny agreed to host the party at her beautiful new home and it was perfect! Enjoy some pictures :)

 {Kiley and Aunt Jenny, the hostess}
 {with mommy}
 {our family}
 {showing everyone how to put on mommy's lip gloss}
 {mommy, "papa" and aunt jenny}
 {present time}
 {kiley's buddy bray checking the gifts out}

 {she had to lay on it to really get it opened good!}
 {time for cake!}
 {not really sure what to think!}
 {kiley's future husband and future pro athlete}
 {sharing with Bray!}
{Braylon wanted to test out the high chair, appropriately he removed the girly cover!}
 {thanks aunt jenny for having my party at your house!}

Thanks to everyone who came to the party and for all of the gifts!  Can't believe our Kiley Tess is already 2!