Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Poor little K

Kiley got an "owie" on her face over the weekend. Poor thing, although it does look a lot worse then it really is. She was busy playing Sunday morning and either stepped on her blanket on the floor or tripped from carrying it around. Well she went straight forward into one of her toys, and this was the end result. Luckily for us there wasn't much blood, or tears... But unlucky that she has this nasty looking scratch in her face, right before Christmas. Oh little k!
this is what she fell into (we think she hit one of the princess dolls)

Monday, December 19, 2011

Kiley's self portraits!

Kiley loves checking herself out when I "flip" my camera around so she can see herself on the screen!  While she admires herself I am busy clicking away to capture some of her faces!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

3 new teeth..plus a little laugh!

Today was quite the day with K!  She was in quite a fabulous mood this morning and even yet tonight {she has been quite the cranky little one lately, as she is cutting 3 teeth!}

So we started our morning routine as we normally do , but as I got her coat and hat on, I decided I needed to try and snap a picture of her in her oh-so-adorable hat and coat! {thanks grandma for those!}  Now usually she runs away from me because she is way too busy to have her picture taken, but I plopped her up on our table and tried to make her laugh by playing with one of her toys, and just like that it worked!
she looks like she belongs in Paris!

After a day at the babysitters, I ended up picking her up because daddy is home sick in bed :(   So Kiley and I got to hang out just the two of us tonight!   We enjoyed mac and cheese and hot dogs for dinner! And played a little before bath time.   As I said before, Kiley is cutting 3 teeth, all on top! {she only has 2 on the bottom right now, so once these pop through we are up to 5!}  So as we were playing she likes to point to her teeth, but wont let me look at them!  After teaching her to open and say "AHHHH" {or however you would spell that}  I was able to catch a blurry photo of the little suckers popping through!
check them out!

This is her "AWW" face!

After we ate, it was bath time for K.  She was still in a great mood, and she splished and splashed in the tub, so I shot a little video of her, until...she pooped....again...{3rd time doing it in the tub}   So I had to let her out of the tub to drain it and clean it out, then refill it....so K ran around the house, naked and wet!  Screaming and laughing though!  It was quite hysterical and adorable, and I of course had to let her, since I had no where else for her to go!    Finally we got the tub refilled, and finished out bath!   Our night ended with reading some books, playing and then snuggles!   We went in to say "night-night" with daddy {bad idea, she only wanted to be with him}  She kissed him goodnight, and sunggled right up to him :(  I had to take her away, because we don't want her to catch anything, and of course she cried and whined for daddy!  

This is the video I caught of her before the incident...enjoy!

Friday, December 9, 2011

the many sleeping styles of K

I have captured these oh-so-adorable pictures of little miss k over the past few weeks on my phone and just had to share!   it  seems anymore the only pictures i snap of her are her asleep, she is way too busy and on the go for any others! ha!  enjoy!

 hand in the snack cup!
 love the hands behind her head
loves her minnie mouse

 crossed little feet
my favorite <3

Thursday, December 8, 2011

oh christmas tree..

it's that most wonderful time of the year! I am beyond excited to celebrate Christmas with K this year!  It is going to be so much fun, as she will be able to enjoy it and be more aware of things than she was last year.  With that being said, she is already way more aware!  For example, Santa, she is NOT a fan...where as last year she was perfectly fine being in his arms!  (we will be trying Santa again closer to Christmas day, in hopes of a decent picutre, and we must see him at Valley West Mall so Kiley can take a ride on the train!) 

Since our house is about the size of a shoe box (OK, that might be exaggerating a little) , but we don't really have much room for a Christmas tree in our living spaces.  So last year we bought K her own little tree for her room (which I wanted her to have one anyway) And it's perfect, white and beautiful!  I wanted to capture the look on her face when she saw it the first time, so once I had it all set up and decorated I sent Kyle up with her.   She LOVES it!  She is much more into it this year, and loves to pull of some of the decorations! Oh well, it is still fun!
 the tree in all it's glory!
 seeing it for the first time!
 gotta chekc everything out

hmm..i think i will eat Santa!

Monday, November 28, 2011

happy thanksgiving!

This year for Thanksgiving, we finally were able to celebrate with family! (the past few years daddy and/ or I have had to work, and with the traveling to be with family it was never possible)  So this year, mommy's family came out to our house and we celebrated!   We had Grandma and Grandpa Meyer, and aunts Jenny, Katy and Ali, also mommy's aunt and uncle Sara and Bill joined us, and cousin Mark and his girlfriend, Katy. We were only missing 2 members of out of our 2 families, Uncle John and cousin Lauren, we missed both of the very much!  We all gathered in our, small little house, and yes it was crowded, but we still had a very fun and memorable time (and enjoyed some yummy food!)  The rest of the weekend was spent pretty low key, then Sunday we finished up celebrating Thanksgiving with daddy's side of the family down at Grandma and Grandpa Thornsbrough's, with Uncle Kory, and daddy's aunt and uncle Debbie and Barry.  Another fun celebration!

A few pictures from the holiday weekend!
 playing with daddy on thanksgiving
 not into the baby bjorn anymore!
 bella clearly enjoyed it more!
 playing at the park with aunt jenny!

 park time with aunt ali!
 going down the slide!
 the girls!
 loved playing on this!

 model baby!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

15 months!

oh my goodness, I can't not believe it has been 15 months since K has graced this world with her presence!  She is so much fun to be around, and let me just say she is not always our sweet little k, she has developed quite the attitude!

She loves  to say "no! " , yet she does it in quite the adorable way, she kind of shakes her head and scrunches her little face up and says "nooooo, nooooo"   Hopefully she outgrows this stage of saying no to pretty much everything!

She had her 15 month check up last week, and is quite the big girl!  26lbs 12oz {90%}, 30 inches{50%},and her head still measures above the 97% (full of brains!) Of course her fifteen month check up included the dreadful shots, seriously they don't get any easier (for me or K!) and Dr. Bob found that K had the start of an ear infection :(  Her first one, and he caught it ahead of time so we treated it and she didn't seem to bothered by it, thankfully!

K still only has her 2 bottom teeth, but over the weekend, Grandpa Meyer {her dentist :) } said he thought it looked like the top two were ready to pop through, and sure enough we noticed one cutting through yesterday!  It is impossible to look inside of her mouth though, she fights us on it!

A few more fun things she says now:
"go-go!" (thanks to watching college football!)
"i love you" (She used to only repeat daddy on this one, but now says it all the time!)
"Minnie" (the girl loves Minnie mouse)

She walks, runs, and can climb the flight of stairs in the blink of an eye!

She loves to dance still, and we can say "shake it " and she shakes her butt from side to side, and then we can say "drop it" and she drops her butt to the floor...ha ha!!  No idea where she picked up these dance moves, but it is quite the entertainment!

Enjoy a few pictures of our beautiful Kiley!

 playing in her toy bin
 our little walker
 passed out
 she loves to stick out her tongue!

 this happens quite frequently in our house
messy face!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

tub time!

Well we had an eventful" bath night tonight!  For the second time, Kiley pooped in the tub (gross I know, but when it is your own child, it doesn't seem so bad.)  Anyway I thought I would document our little memory we shared tonight!  Thank god Kyle was home when it happened so he could hold onto our wet little girl as I drained and refilled the tub.  Luckily it happened at the start of her bath, and before all of her toys made it in the water.

Despite tonight's episode, Kiley still very much enjoys her baths!   Although now she spends most of the time standing in the tub!!


 loves to play with the water! (and stand in the tub!)
 drying off!
showing off her new butterfly towel!!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

kiley's message to her daddy!

Daddy was away in Des Moines for work earlier this week and we decided to send him a video message from K!   An accumulation of some of her words she loves to say!

Monday, October 31, 2011

happy halloween!!

We celebrated K's second Halloween!!  Over the weekend, Aunt Katy and I took K downtown LaSalle where they had trick or treat with some of the businesses, and a little Halloween festival.  Nothing too exciting, but it gave us an excuse to dress K up and take her somewhere!   Her costume for that day was a little pink and purple monster!   Then today, on actual Halloween, we visited my work earlier in the day.  Then trick or treated at Hy-Vee, visited Tami, and went to another friends house!  Today's costume was  a cupcake <3  Enjoy some pictures!

enjoying her balloon!
 thanks for taking me aunt Katy!

 our walking little monster
 attempt at a Halloween photo shoot
 back view of the cupcake
 so not interested in getting her picture taken!
 distracted by the balloons at hy-vee!
we ran into Kiley's friend from daycare, Natalia!! They LOVE each other!!
love this little cupcake <3