Monday, September 30, 2013

She would wear this, or similar outfits, everyday if I let her..

She even calls her little plastic high heels her "glass slippers" haha :)

Saturday, September 28, 2013

1st Day of Preschool!

Kiley started preschool at the beginning of the month!  She was excited to start, although I'm not sure she quite understood what it exactly was ha!   I was really big on wanting her to start when she was 3, as opposed to waiting a whole year and starting at 4...with late August birthday she is the baby of her class!     She only goes Tuesday and Thursday mornings, 3 hours each day, so it's a perfect start!  She is attending Regina Preschool, the catholic school in Iowa City.  It's across the street from "daddy's hy-vee" so daddy takes Kiley to "work" with him those mornings and they walk over to school. Then he brings her home at lunch time.  It was really hard for me to not be able to be the one to take her and pick her up! But she loves her daddy time.  In fact every morning when she wakes up she cries because she wants to "go to work" hahaha!! 

Thank you Pinterest for the fun back to school picture ideas! 

I asked Kyle to take a picture of her on her first day at the school since I couldn't be there..

Haha- it was bright, hot, and her dress was a tad too big!  

Friday, September 20, 2013

As I'm going through my iPhone to clear some of my photos to make room for the new software update -having some 2200 pictures takes up a lot of room ;)  I came across a few pictures I just love!
Playing doctor
Just a few accessories ;)
Wearing sunglasses makes lunch so much better!
On her birthday party day showing off her kitty purse, I love how she looks so grown up in this picture! 

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Birthday party!

With a super busy August schedule we decided to throw Kiley's birthday party a few weeks before her big day!  On Sunday the 11th we had a princess party for her at our house.  We had lots of friends and family there to celebrate with her!  

Oh and we had this little thing as entertainment for the kiddos!

{desserts! thanks to Aunt Ali for making the cake and cupcakes!  
And Aunt Jenny for making the oreo balls!}

{with aunt katy-who helped us SO much with party prepping!}

{while i was busy inside getting stuff ready, my siblings helped out with trying to get pictures of the bday girl before the madness began!}

{papa playing in the bouncy house with K}

{with aunt jenny, who also helped make some yummy treats for the party!}

{Ella and Kiley~love these two!  
Ella turned 2 the day before Kiley's party, so they were the birthday girls of the weekend! }

{Kiley was not a huge fan of the candle on her cake..or the singing...}

{what a reaction!}

{present time!}

{enjoying some cupcakes!}
The birthday girl had a wonderful day! The heat and the craziness of the party definitely wore her out and she passed out before everyone had even left! Thank you everyone who came to celebrate with her!!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

birthday celebration #1..

Like I mentioned before...Kiley had not just a birthday, but a birth MONTH.
We started off August with a trip out to Kyle's parents house for the weekend, where we celebrated his dad's birthday, which was over taken by a little party for Kiley!
a princess cake for the princess!

with cousin Keegan, it was so much fun seeing these 2 together where they could actually play together, last time they saw each other Keegan was only 2 months old!

a little family pic

I adore this picture of Sammy watching over Kiley as she opens her sweet

and now time to play!

Also that day..Kiley got her first car!  A pink mustang! Grandpa and Grandma sure did spoil her!

she was a little hesitant at first

so grandma had to hop in and show her how it was done!