Sunday, April 1, 2012

K's first egg hunt!

 With Easter only a week away, we ventured to our first egg hunt for K!   Last year she was too young to do the hiding of the eggs, but we will be doing it this year!    I was a little hesitant when we first arrived at the number of children {especially older than her}  But they had it set up very well.  Every child was divided into different age groups, each age group had their own location.  Then each child was given a number, and 5 of the eggs had their number on it. {after about a minute of searching for our number, the under 4 age group was told to just pick 5 eggs and ignore the number--much easier!}   After they collected their 5 eggs, they took them to the "prize" location and traded the empty eggs for a prize bag!  It was actually very well planned out and very fair, that way everyone walked away with the same things and no fighting over eggs.  

 waiting for the start!
 "can't I go now?!"
 had to go on a little walk while we waited for the egg hunt to begin
i found an egg!

putting it in her basket!
 more eggs!

the prize at the end!

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